Charles Fleming

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Nicky Deuce: Welcome to the Family

When a quiet suburban schoolboy gets dropped onto the mean streets of Brooklyn to spend the summer with his Grandma Tutti and mobbed-up Uncle Frankie -- badabing!, -- he gets a fast lesson in goomba culture and turns overnight from Nicholas Borelli III into Nicky Deuce.
School Library Journal said, "Even reluctant readers will enjoy this exciting summer-in-the-city adventure."
Daily News columnist Denis Hamill said, "This is an aces book!"
And Booklist called it "a warm, funny story with enough shady intrigue to keep readers hoping for an encore."
Nicky says, "Okay, you got it!"
Following on these fine reviews, Nicky Deuce: Home for the Holidays will be published by Random House's Delacourte Press in November 2006.

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