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High Concept: Don Simpson and the Hollywood Culture of Excess

Using the life and career of producer Don Simpson as a point of departure, High Concept takes readers on a journey inside the Hollywood of the 1980s and 1990s. Throughout the period, Simpson and his partner, Jerry Bruckheimer, were the most successful independent producers in the history of moviemaking, responsible for the hit films Flashdance, Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, Crimson Tide, Bad Boys, and The Rock. But at the same time that his vision was driving the Hollywood bottom line, Simpson's lifestyle epitomized the pervasive dark side of the industry's power base. His legendary consumption knew no bounds. And as long as he continued to crank out box-office gold, his every desire was conspicuously indulged - an unrestrained excess that killed him and sent a warning cry throughout the entire industry.

The Ivory Coast

Dominick Dunne described this romantic period mystery, set against the opening of Vegas' first all-black casino, as "a terrific story from a talented storyteller." Kinky Friedman called it "a powerful, frenetic portrayal, a lost piece of Americana, written with an exhilarating spirit and a sordid beauty."

After Havana

The Batista regime is collapsing. Castro and Che are beginning their final assault on Havana. Deacon and Anita - the star-crossed trumpet player and the woman he lost in The Ivory Coast - are both in the Cuban capital. They meet, and love blooms again ... until Anita is kidnapped by renegades from Castro's revolutionary army. Publishers Weekly called it "sultry" and "packed with color, history and violence."

Nicky Deuce: Home for the Holidays

Twelve-year-old Nicky Deuce, returning to print in this first sequel, is back in Jersey and facing a holiday season of unbroken boredom -- until his folks decide Aunt Tutti and Nicky's Brooklyn pal Tommy should come spend Christmas in the suburbs. The two boys uncover a dastardly plot that could put Nicky's dad in prison -- or worse -- and Nicky's goomba uncle Frankie can't save them this time.

Nicky Deuce: Welcome to the Family

Twelve-year-old Nicholas Borelli II, sent from suburban New Jersey to spend the summer with his Grandma Tutti in Brooklyn, is transformed into the junior goomba Nicky Deuce in this exciting Young Adult debut novel from Charles Fleming and Steven R. Schirripa. Now available in a new paperback edition. Collect the whole set!

The Goomba Diet: Living Large and Loving It

Do they put up crime scene tape after you visit the buffet table? Has it been more than a month since you saw your unit? The Goomba Diet is for you. "The Sopranos" Bobby Bacala Steven R. Schirripa returns to book stores with the third installment of the "Goomba" book series. This time, it's all about the groceries. "Sopranos" co-star Steve Van Zandt raves: "Before the diet Steve was playing Ghandi -- how he's playing India!" Says "Sopranos" exec producer Terry Winter: "Steve loves food like no one I've ever met. His Ode to a Calzone moved me to tears." In stores May 9.

Three Weeks In October: The Manhunt for the Serial Sniper

by Charles A. Moose and Charles Fleming Police Chief Charles A. Moose gives the only first-person law enforcement account of the 23-day serial sniper tragedy in the Washington DC area in October, 2002 - a gripping account of the slain victims and the heroic police heroes who brought the killers to justice.

A Goomba's Guide To Life

"Sopranos" co-star Steven R. Schirripa tells the hilarious story of growing up "goomba" -- an Italian-American in New York, but not a goodfella or a godfather or a gangster, trying to make his way in the world. Schirripa and co-author demonstrates the finer points of living the Goomba lifestyle, how to walk, talk, eat, cook, date, marry and raise your kids with goomba style. Ray Romano called this New York Times bestseller "the funniest book there is about Italians." Louie Anderson said, "This book is hilarious!" And Kevin James said, "I laughed until I ate."

The Goomba Book of Love

In this sequel to the hilarious New York Times bestseller A Goomba's Guide To Life, Fleming and "Sopranos" co-star Steven R. Schirripa are back with more "goomba" lessons from the neighborhood, and this time the subject is love -- how to be a pal, a boyfriend, a husband, a parent and an all-around good goomba guy, in the classic Italian-American style. The book includes instructions in such complicated matters as the etiquette of cheating, and will help the non-goomba learn whether he, too, is a goomba in disguise. Hint: If you've ever eaten a sandwich on the toilet, or have a car that plays the "Godfather" theme when you honk the horn, you're in ...

"After Fidel"

This travel essay appeared in March, 2004 on the very good CaliforniaAuthors.com website. It is an account of a fact-finding mission to Cuba, made by the author in December, 2002, when he was beginning research for the book that would become After Havana